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The geographic, digital, and financial movement of millions of people and billions of dollars out from under the control of woke states, woke digital technology, and woke corporations and capital has begun. Matthew Peterson explores this rising commercial- cultural movement, highlighting the ideas, issues, and people working to revitalize an American way of life. Join him as he analyzes the obstacles standing in our path to uncover real-world solutions and lays out a positive vision for what must now be done to save America.

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Monday Dec 26, 2022

On this last episode of the year, Matt reflects on 2022, the good and the bad, and shares a message of optimisim for 2023.

Thursday Dec 22, 2022

On this special two-parter episode of the Conversations series of The Matthew Peterson Show, actor Matthew Marsden joins Matt in the studio to discuss a wide range of topics such as Hollywood, the COVID-19 vaccines, and standing against cancel culture and the woke mob.
Show Notes:
Matthew Marsden:

Monday Dec 19, 2022

Matt discusses equality, rights, & liberty and the lack of distinguishing between them. Also Matt gets into the rise of Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Kanye West; eventually leading to a bizarre swan song for 'Ye'.

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

On this episode, Matthew Peterson talks with Josh Abbotoy to discuss American Reformer and its mission 'to promote a vigorous Christian approach to the cultural challenges of our day'.
Twitter: @AmReformer

Monday Dec 12, 2022

Matt discusses a wide variety of topics such as problem with normies, people obsessions with fictional theology from movies & video games, and a serious look into the phrase 'people are dying'. 

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Matthew Peterson sits down with Josh Clemans and Justin Steffen to discuss their work on the New Founding Talent Network: A new tool that is connecting people and companies with aligned goals and values. 

Monday Dec 05, 2022

Matt provides an update on what's happening at New Founding, the why behind it, and how it will provide what is needed for the culture and the new right. 

Thursday Dec 01, 2022

In The New Founding Project, host Matthew Peterson will take you behind the scenes of the commercial and cultural movement that is saving America. This first episode consists of three discussions: 
-Bart Lamont & Steven Kos: Principle Investments & Gold River Trading Co. (@stevenaaronkos / @BartLomont)
-Carmen Schober & Collin Brockway: ALIGN Editors (@carmen_writes_)
-Helen Roy & Matt Himes: Align Man/Align Woman (@helen_of_roy / @matthimes)
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-New Founding: @NewFoundingOrg
-Firebrand: @AmFirebrand
-Matthew Peterson: @docMJP

Monday Nov 28, 2022

In this first course from of The Matthew Peterson Show Courses series, Matt deconstructs the founder of our country: George Washington. Concluding with his farewell address and legacy.

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

In this first course from of The Matthew Peterson Show Courses series, Matt deconstructs the founder of our country: George Washington. Continuing from the previous episode with Washington's shepherding of America and the constitution; also highlighting his Thanksgiving proclamation. 

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